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Clinic History

“Carolina Medical Center „is one of the largest and most modern private hospitals for orthopedics and sports medicine in Europe. The Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic in “Carolina Medical Center” was established in 1998 in Warsaw. Since the beginning, each effort has been made to ensure that the medical services provided meet the highest standards and the patient is recovering in the atmosphere of trust and security. Thanks to this “Carolina Medical Center” quickly gained trust among its patients as a leading center for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Enthusiasm and creative fervor does not leave the founders of the clinic today. It is shared by members of the entire medical team, which is constantly expanding. The number of patients is also growing each day. Many of them are children or grandchildren of the former patients of the clinic.


“Carolina Medical Center” Hospital is located on the 5th floor of the clinic. 21 single or double comfortably equipped rooms are prepared for patients. Duration of stay in the hospital is determined by the degree of complexity of the operation and the recommendations of the doctor. As a rule, it is 1-2 days. Experienced nursing staff makes every effort to make stay in the hospital as short as possible for patients, providing assistance 24 hours a day.

Services offered:

Medical consultations in the following areas:

-pediatric and adult orthopedics and traumatology

-sports traumatology



-general and vascular surgery




-medical reports regarding sports for children and youth


Diagnostics Imagine Centre – thanks to the knowledge, experience and daily close cooperation of doctors involved in diagnostics with clinicians of the orthopedic and rehabilitation clinic, as well as with a histopathologist, “Carolina Medical Center” offers diagnostic services at the highest level. The CMC Diagnostics Imagine Center performs tests on:

Ultrasound (Ultrasound)

X-ray (RTG)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR)

Computed tomography (CT)

Operating procedures, including:

Arthroscopy of all joints (knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow)

Joint prosthetics (total hip arthroplasty, also in the BHR system – Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, ankle joint, including InBone, knee, shoulder joint prostheses)

Neurosurgery of the spine, including microinvasive surgery of the spine

Diskectomy and spinal disc implantation

Allogeneic meniscus transplantation

Selection for research and application of growth factors and stem cells

Stabilization of all joints

Surgical treatment of torn muscles and ligaments


Physiotherapy – “Carolina Medical Center” offers individual physiotherapy according to the highest international standards. It is conducted by professional and experienced physiotherapists who continuously and enthusiastically improve their skills in internal courses, trainings, conferences and symposia. In the framework of cooperation, in particular, with the Polish Society of Sports Traumatology, physiotherapists teach in the field of orthopedic and sports rehabilitation. They specialize in the rehabilitation of patients after sports injuries and orthopedic surgeries. Athletes are provided with specific rehabilitation, depending on the sport.


MODERN Functional Diagnostics Center – “Carolina Medical Center” has introduced functional examination methods, and it is one of the first clinical centers in Poland that use them to evaluate the musculoskeletal system. These methods are based on the principles and experience derived from the biomechanics of sports, suitably adapted to the needs of rehabilitation of patients in an orthopedic and rehabilitation clinic, as well as elderly people. Doctors and specialists at the CMC Functional Diagnostics Center use the results of biomechanical measurements (previously used to assess the strength potential of athletes involved in sports professionally and to improve training) to diagnose the effects of various kinds of overloads of the musculoskeletal system, as well as assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation and possible modification of the treatment process.


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