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About the center

The main objective of the Diagnostics and Physiotherapy Centre is to conduct complex rehabilitation stays and emergency rehabilitation.

In addition, the centre provides cardiological and orthopaedic diagnostics services and offer packages of professional endurance tests. The philosophy of the centre is to fully monitor the rehabilitation process with the use of the most modern diagnostic and physiotherapeutic equipment.

Werandki is the only Diagnostics & Physiotherapy Centre in the east of Poland, which is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensively handles four fields of medical rehabilitation:

Cardiology Zone, Orthopedics Zone, Training Zone, and Diagnostics Zone. The innovative way of improving the cardiovascular system performance offered in Werandki, which combines two types of

therapies with the use of modern technology and equipment, is more effective and safer than traditional forms of rehabilitation used in cardiology up to this day.


There are no rooms on-site. Patients are accommodated at the “Termy Pałacowe” and “Pawilon Angielski” hotels.

Treatment and SPA

The center has modern equipment of the latest generation and carries out rehabilitation using innovative technologies.

The center carries out medical rehabilitation in 4 areas: cardiology, orthopedics, training zone and a diagnostic zone.

Cardiology zone – is designed for people of all ages who are at risk of ischemic heart disease and cardiovascular diseases. These are predominantly people with sedentary lifestyles, chronic stress, overweight and obese, hypertension, chain smokers and people with lipid disorders – high cholesterol, diabetics, diet or oral medication, as well as patients after coronary arterial interventions. Planned diagnostics and rehabilitation include, among other things, endurance tests, as well as individually

selected training sessions with the use of equipment best suited to the patient’s capabilities.

Orthopedics Zone – dedicated to people of all ages who have a problem with their locomotor system. Through an appropriately selected set of exercises on state-of-the-art equipment, it is possible to rehabilitate injuries of: spine (e.g. degenerative changes, pain, cervical and lumbar discopathy, postoperative rehabilitation), shoulder (e.g., shoulder impingement syndrome, arthropathy), elbow (e.g. injuries to the elbow joint – tennis or golfer elbow, ulnar nerve compression or cubital tunnel syndrome), hand

(e.g. wrist and hand strain injury – carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture), hip (e.g. degenerative changes, changes after injuries – entezopathies, interruptions, postoperative rehabilitation), knee (e.g. injuries and conditions cause by degenerative changes, after injuries

– muscle ruptures, pulls), and ankle (e.g. injuries and conditions of the ankle joint, postoperative rehabilitation).


Training Zone – ideal for everyone – from professional athletes to beginners, to the elderly or overweight. The zone not only helps improve physical fitness and endurance, but also prevents injuries,

reduce body weight or simply enhance the quality and comfort of everyday activities. No matter the requirements or expectations, they offer individually selected training, based on a preliminary

functional assessment.


Diagnostic zone – offers all necessary diagnostic tests, e.g. performance tests such as maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 max) test, peak oxygen uptake (VO2 peak) test, ventilation/carbon dioxide production (VE/VCO2 slope) test, respiratory exchange ratio during exercise (RER=VCO2/VO2). These parameters are useful in assessing the extent to which anaerobic metabolism is used during exercise and determining the maximum oxygen uptake, determining the level of effort (heart rate or power) optimal for burning fat tissue. A muscular strength test on a dynamometer will help in turn assess strength and neuromuscular training, offering the possibility of archiving and exporting data for statistical analysis.


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