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“Medifem Women’s Clinic” is the first gynecological clinic in Poland for plastic and reconstructive surgery. For more than ten years, the Clinic has carried out the most complex operations in the field of gynecological plastic surgery and aesthetic gynecology. Clinic doctors share their experience in training programs organized by the Polish Union of Gynecological Plastic Surgery, as well as through the publication of scientific papers. At the “Medifem Women’s “ patients can rely on the professional care of doctors and midwives, comprehensive consultations, comfortable conditions, pleasant atmosphere and non-disclosure of the fact that the patient was in the Clinic. The clinic has modern operating rooms and the highest quality medical equipment. For the quests the clinic offers double rooms with private bathroom, cable TV and Internet access. The clinic is located in Warsaw and, in addition to traditional plastic surgery, offers aesthetic and medical surgery of the female genital organs.


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