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Eye diseases

In Poland, specialized treatment of eye diseases is done – mainly for patients after surgery to remove glaucoma and cataracts. Individual treatment is taking place to improve the quality of life for people facing dry eye syndrome. People working at a computer, in air-conditioned rooms, or in places with high dustiness and high temperature suffer from dry eye syndrome. Among the treatments is eye rinsing with healing, thermal water or mud tampons and iontophoresis for eyeballs.

Eye diseases – treatment in Polish sanatoriums:
chronic inflammation of the conjunctiva and eyeball
recurrent epidural dermatitis
post-inflammatory changes in the cornea;
dry eye syndrome
chronic uveitis
phases after glaucoma surgery and cataract surgery
constant feeling of eyeball irritation after surgery
degeneracy of the back of the eyeball
early stadium of optic atrophy
intraocular glaucoma changeable pressure