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Weight loss and Metabolic diseases

Overweight can turn into obesity. And this is a serious chronic disease, the treatment of which requires long time and an individual approach. Since a huge number of people are nowadays obese, health resorts in Poland offer numerous rehabilitation programs for obese patients. Program includes special diet, gymnastics, massage and other specialized treatments. Apart of this, patients receive consultation with specialist. Overweight and obesity treatment is aiming not only to lose extra kilograms, but also to change the lifestyle of patients. Usually, treatment programs for weight loss are designed for 7-14 days and are carried out under the supervision of experienced doctors, physiotherapists and dietetics. During such program, patients can diagnose the entire body in order to identify diseases associated with obesity. Except traditional treatments and physical activity, many sanatoriums offer people with obesity courses with psychologists as well as aesthetic spa treatments to increase skin elasticity, eliminate cellulite and model your body. Polish sanatoriums offer packages for obesity treatment not only for adult patients, but also for children.

Sanatoriums offer treatment for the following types of obesity:
obesity (BMI> 30) with arterial hypertension or chronic coronary heart disease
obesity (BMI> 30) with heart failure
obesity (BMI> 30) with progressive degeneration of large joints
obesity after surgery to reduce the stomach
abdominal obesity with other metabolic risk factors for atherosclerosis
carbohydrate intolerance obesity
obesity with abnormal fasting glycaemia
postprandial diabetes obesity
obesity with osteoarthritis
obesity with endocrinopathies (hypothyroidism)