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The functionality of the musculoskeletal system depends mostly on the health of the joints. Our joints and spine are susceptible to a variety of rheumatological diseases. The causes of their occurrence are not fully understood, but the lack of treatment of rheumatological diseases can even lead to disability.
Among rheumatological diseases, diseases of the connective tissue are distinguished – in the case of rheumatoid inflammation of the joints or with osteoarthritis. Rheumatological diseases also attack the spine, causing soreness, swelling and inflammation. Sanatorium treatment of rheumatological diseases and stay using facilities for treatment of these ailments can significantly facilitate the course of the disease.
Sanatorium treatment together with pharmacological treatment will bring good effects if we want to stimulate the body to fight the disease, as well as strengthen the immune system. Stay in sanatorium often helps the patient return to normal functioning in everyday life. As for people with disabilities, they can help with the course of the disease. Rheumatological sanatoriums in Poland have modern base of rehabilitation and physiotherapy equipment. Patients can count on the help of highly qualified doctors and physiotherapists.
The following rheumatological diseases are treated in sanatoriums in Poland:

rheumatoid arthritis
arthrosis accompanied by psoriasis or bowel disease
chronic arthritis
osteoarthrosis of the peripheral joints of large or small
systemic connective tissue diseases during remission
ankylosing spondylitis
Reiter’s syndrome
degenerative diseases of the spine
postoperative phases
metabolic diseases with seizure of joints (gout, chondrocalcinosis and others)
polymyalgia rheumatism with concomitant degenerative changes
fibromyalgia or other soft tissue diseases
The main types of treatment for rheumatological diseases in sanatoriums: mineral baths and baths in salt solutions, mud (wrapping, wrapping, applications), underwater massage, underwater horizontal traction, dry carbon dioxide baths, reflexology, electrotherapy, magneto therapy, massage, etc.