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Diseases of the nervous system are called neurological diseases. They affect the central nervous system, nerves and blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. Neurological diseases require specialized individual treatment and stay in specialized sanatoriums.
In Poland, patients with the following diseases are receiving treatment in sanatorium: diseases of the peripheral nervous system: trigeminal neuralgia, neuritis and facial neuropathy, spinal osteochondrosis, lumbosacral radiculitis, low back pain, lumbar ischialgia, phases after removal of a hernia of the spinal disc, mono-different polyneuropathy genesis, consequences of spinal cord injuries, autonomic polyneuropathies;
diseases of the central nervous system: residual effects after encephalitis, cerebral concussion, traumatic encephalopathy in asthenic and psycho-vegetative syndromes, mild forms of multiple sclerosis, migraine, headache syndromes, subarachnoid and intracerebral hemorrhage, cerebral atherosclerosis, and cerebral atherosclerosis;
muscle dystrophies, myopathies of different origins; Raynaud’s syndrome of various etiologies; Parkinson’s disease and other motor disorders in the initial forms of the disease; disorders of the autonomic nervous system; neurocirculatory dystonia, vegetovascular dysfunctions psychogenic and self-induced.
In Polish neurological sanatoriums, patients are offered therapeutic baths, hydrotherapy (hydrogen sulfide, radon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, iodine-bromine, nitrogen), mineral water application, air baths, mud, manual therapy, massage, etc.