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Women’s Health

Diseases of the genitourinary system, infertility, diseases associated with menopause – this is not a complete list of problems associated with the health of modern women. Gynecological diseases today require modern diagnostics and an individual professional approach. In the treatment of female diseases, in addition to pharmacological and surgical treatment, treatment in sanatoriums is highly effective.

Polish gynecological sanatoriums specialize in the treatment of the following diseases:
reproductive system post-surgery phases
phases after ovarian surgery in androgen groups
chronic genital inflammation, including exacerbations
consequences of inflammation of the appendages, inflammation of the vagina and vulva;
menopausal disorders with concomitant diseases: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypertension
puberty retardation
primary ovarian hypoplasia
secondary ovarian hypofunction
infertility in women or menstrual irregularities
menstrual irregularities as a result of involuntary ovarian changes, ovarian degeneration, infertile cycle
amenorrhea associated with ovarian dysfunction
phases after surgery in the field of reproductive organs, passing without postoperative complications, with the exception of conditions after surgery for a malignant tumor – up to 12 months from surgery

In particular, for gynecological diseases, below treatments apply in Polish sanatoriums: mud baths, mud wraps, mud packs, mud swabs, iodine-salt caves, radon baths, radon inhalations, fir baths, mineral water application, natural mineral baths (hydrotherapy), electro and magneto therapy, shortwave diathermy, cryotherapy, hydro and vibro massage, stone massage with volcanic rocks, pulse therapy, therapeutic exercises, electrotherapy and phototherapy, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, carbonic bath into carbon dioxide, gynecological irrigation, kinesitherapy, physiotherapy.