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Allergy treatment is a process that sometimes takes many years. One of the more effective methods in allergy treatment is stay in sanatorium. Our respiratory organs – bronchi and lungs – need clean air, especially if their functionality is somehow impaired. It is recommended for the patients with allergy and asthma to go for treatment and rehabilitation to places where the level of allergens and dust in the air is minimal. Usually, this will be sanatorium near the sea or in the mountains.
Among other treatment, sanatorium offer for allergy treatment: salt and medicine inhalations, lamps with polarized light (BioV), quartz lamps with electromagnetic ultraviolet radiation, sollux lamps that affect the body with infrared radiation, magnetic therapy with a pulsating magnetic field with a low frequency, breathing exercises under the supervision of experienced physiotherapists. There are also specialized treatments. For example, in Wieliczka resort a unique treatment is offered based on the stay for several hours daily, underground, in a salt mine. Deep underground, the air is cleaner than anywhere else on the surface on the earth. Poland offers a number of sanatoriums where allergy has been successfully treated for decades